Week 4 – Old Mississippi State Capital Stairs

Old Mississippi State Capital in Jackson, MSW

Old Mississippi State Capital in Jackson, MSW

My photo roots began with nature subjects but were soon concentrated on architecture. I have always liked architecture lines and shapes. Did you know that in high school I wanted to be an architect? Yes, I took my first drawing class and after sitting on a hard wooden stool I nixed the idea because with my boney rear end. I could not fathom sitting on a hard stool for days on end (pardon the pun). Therefore a business degree in college was for me. I did not learn until about forty years later that architects used nice seats with cushions.

The Old Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson, MS served as the Mississippi statehouse from 1839 – 1903. It is now a museum. The 3-story building exterior is composed of brick, limestone, and stucco with a copper rotunda dome some 94 feet above the first floor. Unlike our modern buildings the interior is composed mostly of wood, with the exception of brick partition walls and flagstones on the rotunda floor.

I have always liked stairs and have some very elaborate stair cases in my collection. The stairs in this picture are so simple and elegant that to me less is more. I also like the door at the top of the stairs that takes the eye to a short hall on the upper floor. This doorway seems to give the stairs a reason to exist. There are no distractions on the walls. As I remember the stairs go from the second to the third floor. The light is from a window off to the left of the stairs.

I have a B&W picture hanging in my home of the chairs in the Supreme Court Chamber in the same building. This courtroom scene would be one of my very favorite pictures of all time.

Technical data:

  • Camera Nikon D70 camera and a Nikon 12-24 mm f/4 lens.
  • ISO was 200
  • Focal length 12mm and exposure was 0.7 sec at f/11 on a tripod.
  • Taken February 23, 2005 at 12:36 PM