Fine Art

Fine Art means different things to many people, but for me it is the “little pictures” we often pass by and never notice. Most are things that are there day after day. Others are fleeting moments such as a cat peeping out of an old tin building in Argentina. A very rich site for fine art subjects is the La Boca district of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Street scenes in La Boca can easily become clutter. So to show La Boca at its finest I focused the camera on small areas.

While walking in Manzanilla Beach Park in Trinidad I saw a blue fence. Certainly nothing to photograph but when combined with a painted wall on a building behind the fence, it found a new meaning for me. Another example of how combining two mundane subjects created a memorable photograph is the picture of sea grape leaves in front of a red wall in Speyside, Tobago. A final example is a window and shutters on a wall in the restaurant of Mt. Plaisir Estate Hotel in Grande Riviere, Trinidad. We were there looking for several days and I never saw anyone take a picture of that window. It was nice looking enough as a portion of a large wall, but once separated to the simple composition it reached a higher level.