Uzbekistan was my favorite of the five “Stans” that we visited. To read my article in International Travel News (ITN) about our trip to five of the Stan countries go to the Articles section of this web site or use the following link to “Touring the Five ‘Stans“.

Our trip began and ended in Tashkent, a modern city and the capital. Although Tashkent has places of interest for the traveler, it pales to Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. Samarkand is the nation’s second largest city and the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, home to the most famous Silk Road attraction of them all, the Registan. While this was a great stop, it kept getting better because Bukhara was our next place to visit. This 2,500 year old city was the legendary Silk Road capital and the historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with magnificent examples of monumental, medieval Islamic and Central Asian architecture. Khiva, a smaller walled city was about as good at it gets for a photographer. Khiva contains many old structures but the narrow streets, doors, windows, and people only added to the historic monuments of Khiva.