Sometimes things just work out for the best. Margaret and I had been to Egypt several times but we had never sailed on Lake Nasser or the Nile River. We had signed up for a Vantage trip to Egypt that was to begin November 20, 2011. As the time grew nearer the unrest and demonstrations grew more intense in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Tourists were cancelling their trips to Egypt as our time to depart the USA grew closer. Our research revealed that most of the unrest was in Tahrir Square and not the entire country of Egypt. We were proved right. Only within a few blocks of the square and on the nightly news were there any signs of danger.

Our flight to Cairo was only about a fourth full. We each had three empty seats. Our Vantage group was only about twenty people. Often we were the only group at a historic site. Our deluxe 5-star boat, Omar El Khayam, on Lake Nasser had only eleven additional passengers instead of the 140 or so it should have had. The MS Crown Jewel on the Nile River had few passengers as well. Bottom line; we had Egypt almost to ourselves. Nowhere did we feel unsafe and only from top of our Sofitel El-Gezirah Hotel in Cairo could we see part of the unrest in Tahrir Square.