The Pantanal of Brazil

I had been hearing good things about the Pantanal for a number of years. Most people were only telling me what they had heard or read. On the other hand a few people I talked to that had actually been to the Pantanal said it was a world class nature site. They were right. The Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland area and is located predominately in Brazil. The Pantanal is a large flooded grassland savanna, and is about 50 miles by 20 miles in size. It is ten times the size of the Everglades. Our group of eight flew to Sao Paulo, Brazil where we then took a two hour flight to the town of Cuiabá. Once the road leaves Cuiabá it becomes a dirt road for the next 90 miles to the southern part of the Pantanal. These 90 miles contain 142 wooden bridges in various degrees of disrepair. We only got stuck once and had to be pulled out of the mud by a passing 4X4 Ford pickup truck. It is a good thing it was not the rainy season. This was a Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris tour with Joe himself leading the trip. We spent 12 days in the Pantanal, from July 31 – August 12, 2014. We travelled by boat to see and photograph the dense population of birds and animals that make the Pantanal their home. I was able to get quality photographs of 108 species of birds and animals. They range from jaguars, giant river otters, giant anteaters, egrets, herons, hyacinth macaws, ibis and the jabiru storks. I have chosen less than half of the species to show and then divided them into two groups for easier viewing.