Caribbean Photo Art

Margaret and I have been cruising in the Caribbean for many years. Our home is in Georgia, south of Atlanta, so it is only a day’s drive to six different departure cruise ports. There are times when Margaret tells people that she is going on “a cruise to nowhere”. This is so because she might not even get off of the ship. When most passengers do go ashore, she has the ship much to herself. I, on the other hand never get tired of walking around and photographing the various islands. I am always amazed at how I can see things each visit that I never saw before. And, of course, the light and time of day is usually different as well.

This January 2014 we completed 10 days on the Ruby Princess and 14 days on the Nieuw Amsterdam. I left the big Nikons at home and took the smaller four thirds Panasonic system, which resulted in a very light load to carry about each day. My goal was to photograph subjects that would render a painterly final image. The process went something like this: capture the subject; copy media card to computer and open in Adobe Lightroom; optimize in Lightroom; open file with Lightroom adjustments in Photoshop CS 6; make more adjustments; and finally open in a plug-in such as Topaz Simplify 4 or Snap Art 4 to make the final adjustments. The completed file should look more like a painting than a photograph. However, the technique is still being mastered so this is for sure a work in progress.

These painterly renderings are from four places: Bahamas, Cozumel, Grand Turks, and Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.