Welcome to Picture Perfect. My name is Gordon Kilgore, and here you will find images of some of my favorite locations around the world. Travel photography is my passion, and this site is my opportunity to share that with you. My sweetheart, now my wife, gave me my first camera during college, about 1957. Since then, I have traveled to all 50 states, 7 continents, the North Pole, and 181 countries. Some I have visited more than once, and all of them have given me memories I will cherish for a lifetime.

Above all, I like to travel, seeing and experiencing places much different than home. This curiosity of exploration is akin to the early explorers’ curiosity of wondering “what is out there?” Traveling makes me more appreciative of what I have at home and more tolerant of other cultures and religions.

For me, photography is simply the captured portion of a journey that is taken home. This record of a place, combined with the sounds, smells, and mind’s eye remembrances are the true rewards of travel photography.